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SuperMatte Antishine - Improved formula and packaging!

    Enhanced formula for more effective oil and shine control.                          Serum format, pump bottle. 
  • Instant oil control.
  • Shine control product produces a soft matte finish.
  • This was initially formulated for makeup artists to counter the intense lighting of the theater.
  • Product most often ordered by photographers and men.
  • Do not let the small size mislead you; a little goes a long way.
20 mL / 0.67 fl oz 

Professional standard for shine control.

  • Professional cream out of London provides a matte finish that is immediate and long lasting. This small bottle goes a long way, and most important, it works.
  • Particularly useful for taming the T-zone.
  • Totally invisible so it can be used alone or under makeup.
  • Very popular with darker skin tones that do not require color but need to control shine.
  • Because it is undetectable, it is popular with men to control facial shine as well as the glare that can occur with baldness. 
  • Our most popular product for men.
  • All of the creams are very translucent and the difference between each shade on the skin is quite small.
  • Excellent for teen-age boys to minimize shine from oily skin because it is invisible on the skin.
  • Helps with sweaty palms. 
  • Apply a thin layer to skin. It can be used alone or under makeup.
  • Use anywhere on face, especially the T-zone.
  • Use also for shiny heads.


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