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**Remeber to modify your makeup for summer.

*May need a deeper shade of foundation. *Bronzer adds natural summer glow.


The INCREDIBLE! Brushes - ULTRA smooth natural looking foundations and primers.

 We LOVE these brushes!  We call them INCREDIBLE! because they are.  With the first use, you will find yourself convinced that you LOOK INCREDIBLE!

Large size is excellent for all foundations for the most natural appearance possible short of air-brushing.  Incomparable application of cream and baked format foundations and blushes. 

Smaller version perfect for eyelid primers and shadows. 

Available in large and small sizes.

Benefits of the INCREDIBLE:

    • Fine, densely packed fine bristles are super-soft, silky, with the texture of softest suede.
    • Vegan synthetic bristles remain tightly packed with no breakage.
    • Slightly rounded configuration glides over skin and leaves the smoothest, natural air-brush finish without the air-brush.
    • Easily blends away fine lines.
    • Makeup will never look streaky, uneven, caked, or over done.
    • Vertical handle provides perfect application angle and allows you to get close to the mirror.
    The large size is the ultimate foundation tool. Excellent for every format including
    • Loose mineral powder.
    • Baked mineral powder.
    • Cream to powder.
    • Cream foundations and primer, including BB Cream and Sheer Tint Demi-Matte.
    • Liquid foundation.

    The small brush is excellent for 

    • a seamless application of eye primer. Perfect for new primers Ray of Light or Spotlight.
    • a gentle swish or buildable eye shadow.
    • adding lightener under the brow.
    • under-eye concealer.
    • getting close to mirror because of the long handle.

    You will find this style brush being offered at $40-$70. We have decided to offer these at a very affordable price point ($30) because we want as many of you as possible to have this wonderful tool. 

    You will love these! Trust us. They’re incredible!



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