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About Abbey St. Clare

Abbey St. Clare products are formulated by Margaret Hardy. She has a Master’s degree in microbiology, degrees in chemistry and biology, and a background in gardening. She has made it her mission to use this knowledge of science and nature to create products that promote health as well as beauty. Her natural products were formulated with this aim in mind.


My overall goal with Abbey St. Clare is to help you become the best you you can be with minimum expenditures of time or treasure. Becoming this “Best You” entails educating you about ingredients that enable you to make wise product decisions. I want to teach you about effective skin care protocols and cosmetic applications so you can achieve professional results in the privacy of your home, in front of your own mirror. I am convinced that this knowledge will ultimately promote that innate happiness that comes from looking and feeling your best, within and without.”  - Margaret Hardy

Read our blog for helpful makeup and hair care tips and read our product descriptions to learn how the natural ingredients used in each product help you. As you explore our site, picture in your mind the look and feel you want to achieve!