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Angled Kolinsky Brush -The unsung hero among brushes.

  • An underused brush that builds and blends eye color for a variety of beautiful effects.
  • Choose this brush when you want ultimate control of color placement.
  • A brush that applies, builds, and blends eye makeup to create a range of beautiful results.
  • Ultimate tool for smudging, lining, blending, and contours.
  • Indispensable for the smoky effect.
  • Also useful to softly apply brow color.
  • Excellent for application of concealers in small areas

Most versatile brush for creating a variety of beautiful effects.

  • One of the most versatile brushes for classic shadow or liner, the smoky eye, or for emulating dramatic runway trends.
  • Small head and tightly tapered brush hairs allow you to control exactly where you deposit powders and gels.
  • Create a perfect line wet or dry.
  • The dome shaped edge is ideal to smudge color for a smoky eye.
  • Use to apply liner and shadow near the lash line.
  • Smudge liner for a softer effect.
  • Excellent for application of concealers and correctors for smaller areas.
  • Use a clean brush to pick up color with hair edge, apply.
  • For brow color, use for single color or to add subtle contrast shading to base brow color.

Squirrel hair, wood handle.


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