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Angled Brow Brush to contour and shade beautiful brows.

  • Angled task brush precisely contours brows with minimum strokes.
  • Color and groom perfect brow shape.
  • Stiff angled edge is thick for maximum control to color and shape brows.
  • Useful for applying dry eyeliner when a broader line is desired.

Tame and groom perfect brows.

  • Diagonal cut edge is made for keeping stray hairs of eyebrows in place while depositing a feathering of color.
  • Firmer bristles groom hairs in place while feathering color for natural appearance.
  • Useful to apply a smudge of liner powder above the lids. It allows you to deposit a thicker line of color without looking too defined and harsh. This will make your lashes appear fuller.
  • Add eyeliner sealant to brows and eyeliner with a tapping motion for longest lasting color.
  • Pick up a small amount of brow color with brush and tap off excess.
  • Beginning at brow's inner corner, use light, feathery strokes and follow the natural arch to shape and define.
  • Brush through brows with an upward, outward motion to blend and soften.
  • Tap a light coating of Eyeliner Sealant to keep brows in place. 

Boar hair, wood handle.

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