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Clear Control Serum & Poultice - 100% Natural


Formerly known as Spot Remover.

  • Natural formula for clearing troubled skin.
  • Essential oils include helichrysum, tea tree, and german chamomile.
  • Quickly absorbed base of non-greasy hazelnut oil, the only oil with astringent properties.
  • Clear Control Poultice: Amazing Pascalite clay included in a mixture of clays for a drawing poultice to deep-clean pores.
Clear Control Serum: 15 mL / 0.5 fl oz ; Clear Control Poultice: 15g / 0.5 oz  

Natural essential oils and cleansing earth clays clean and clear your pores.

Use on face, neck, back, shoulders, or chest. The best defense against distressed skin events is vigilance in daily skin care; however, spots happen. For those times, an extra dose of essential oils can help clean out the pores.
  • A base of hazelnut oil (non-greasy and the only nut oil that has astringent properties).
  • Research has shown that inclusion of aloe vera in the formula increases the effectiveness of the oils.
  • Tea tree, lavender, manuka, helichrysum, and german chamomile are powerful skin care oils.
  • Use the drawing power of a pascalite clay based poultice for troublesome spots that tend to clog.

SERUM. Natural formula for deep-cleaning. You may use the serum as is by massaging in the areas of concern. It will absorb quickly. Use day or night.

Caution: Always spot test for sensitivity. This is a concentrated formula.

CLEAR CONTROL POULTICE. A mixture of Pascalite*, French Green, and charcoal clays to aid in cleansing stubborn areas. Make a small poultice of the clays with water, tonic, or hydrosols, and apply to spots for targeted deep cleaning. (See Directions for Use for instructions.) When clay is hydrated it expands, its porosity increases, and the greater surface area allows it to more readily absorb debris into its surface. Hydrated clay has a negative polarity which attracts the positively charged impurities in the skin. It is the drawing properties of the clay that contribute to deep cleaning. Some of the reasons for the effectiveness of clay are still somewhat of a mystery, though the results are not.

*Pascalite is a unique calcium bentonite clay with amazing properties. It contains a host of minerals, including iron and magnesium, producing a synergistic action that enhances the appearance of the skin. Pascalite clay has provided relief for many different skin types. Pascalite clay has a lore of its own. It lies relatively near the famous, mysterious Big Horn Medicine Wheel, which dates back to antiquity. It is said that medicine wheels were built on vortex areas where earth energies surface intensely, and it is this energy that is contained in Pascalite clay and gives it its powers.

Always spot test for sensitivity.

SERUM NOTE: This product contains a mixture of essential oils and a small patch test should always be conducted before using product to determine sensitivity.
  • Use on clean skin. Serum may be applied with a Q-tip to specific spots. If your skin is not sensitive, the serum may be massaged into a larger area.

CLEANING CONTROL POULTICE Always test a small area first to determine sensitivity.
  • To make a poultice: Ta small amount of clay powder, add just enough hydrosol, toner, or water to make a thick paste. Apply to selected spots. Leave on fifteen minutes or overnight, depending on your skin sensitivity. Always start with a shorter time period and gradually increase duration.
  • You may add a few drops of serum to the poultice after hydrating. Mix well. Apply as above. If being left on overnight, you may want to cover it with a small band-aid to keep it from rubbing off.
  • For larger areas, add relatively more liquid to produce a fluid and apply as a thin film mask to affected area. Leave on ten minutes to thirty minutes, depending on your skin sensitivity. Always start with a shorter time period and gradually increase time. Remove with water and a gentle cleanser. 

Serum: Corylus avellana (Hazelnut), Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree) EO, Aloe vera extract, essential oil synergy includes Pelargonium graveolens(Geranium)EO, Leptospermum scoparium (Manuka) EO, Helichrysum italicum EO, Matricaria chamomilla CO2 (German Chamomile); Rosa canina (Rosehip Seed) Extract.  Poultice: Calcium Bentonite (Pascalite) Clay, French Green Clay, Charcoal clay. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Keep out of reach of children .

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