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Chamomile Leave-In Conditioner for Light Hair --Organic chamomile essential oil highlights.

    Hair highlighting sunshine in a bottle provided by chamomile essential oil. Stress-relieving aromatherapy benefits. 

    This is pure, natural chamomile essential oil providing benefits, not a synthetic fragrance. 

    • The final infusion of nutrients and brightening actives for soft, silky hair. 
    • Maximum benefits achieved as a leave-in treatment.  
    • Chamomile hydrosol and essential oil based formula intensifies lightening and highlighting to blonde, grey, or light brown hair.  
    • Helps eliminate brassiness from grey hair. 
    • Aloe and rosehip oil nourish and hydrate for healthy hair. 
      • Vitamins B adds strength, protects hair from breakage, and eliminates static and split ends.
      • Natural castor oil hydrates, nourishes, and promotes growth.  
      • Proteins strengthen hair and add body and fullness.
      • Incredible aromatherapy benefits of chamomile is calming to the spirit. 
      • Sunshine enhances benefits. 

      Parabens-free. Sulfate-free.  No additional synthetic fragrances added. 

      240 mL / 8 fl oz


      • Organic chamomile essential oil has become one of the most expensive essential oils and for this reason is rarely used in hair products. Chamomile extracts and  fragrance do not provide the amazing benefits of the pure essential oil.  We use only natural chamomile essential oil and hydrosol. 
      • Chamomile has been used for hair lightening and brightening since the Middle Ages. 
      • Working a small amount of conditioner throughout the hair without rinsing out preserves the brightening properties of chamomile, eliminates static and split ends, and restores sheen to lackluster locks.
      • Helps remove brassiness from grey hair.
      • Letting hair dry in sunshine enhances the natural lightening ability of chamomile.

      As a leave-in conditioner (recommended): 

      -After washing, squeeze excess water from hair.

      -Work a small amount of product* through wet hair from the base to the ends of the hair follicles and massage into the scalp, particularly in areas where more volume is desired. 

      -Do not rinse out.  Air dry in sunshine for best results.

      -Style as usual. 

      *Use only a small amount. Overuse will make your hair heavy, especially if your hair is oily.

      As a rinse out conditioner: 

      -Rub a small amount of conditioner between your hands, massage intscalp, and work through hair shafts.

      -If possible, try trinse just the hair, leaving product on scalp as much as possible.

      -This will make your hair soft but with less body and volume upon drying.

      As a HAIR MASQUE: For extra conditioning, moisturizing, and repair.

      -Wet clean hair.

      -Massage generous amount of conditioner through hair, massaging intscalp.

      -Cover hair with shower cap or plastic and wrap with warm towel.

      -Leave masque on hair for 5-30 minutes.

      -Wash hair as usual. Or, if hair is clean, just rinse. Air dry for best results.

      Organic Aloe barbadensis Leaf Juice, Cetearyl Alcohol, Castor Oil, Stearalkonium Chloride, Phenoxyethanol, Organic Lavandula angustifolia Hydrosol, Anthemis nobilis (Roman Chamomile) Hydrosol, Glycerin, Rosa canina (Rosehip) Fruit Oil, Salix Alba (Organic White Willow) Bark Extract, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Anthemis nobilis (Roman chamomile) Essential Oil, Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5), Citric Acid or sodium bicarbonate.

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