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**Remeber to modify your makeup for summer.

*May need a deeper shade of foundation. *Bronzer adds natural summer glow.


Rose Hydrosol

  • Divine. No excuse needed to use it.
  • Natural moisturizing mist for normal, dry, mature, sensitive, or dull skin.
  • Helps balance skin oils as well as emotions.
  • Retains moisture during air travel.

Rosa damascena. Organic, USA.



Gentle humectant. Balancing. Toner.
Good for almost everything. Very mildly astringent (helps shrink pores) and cleansing, but so very gentle which makes this an ideal toner for very sensitive skin. Its moisture retaining nature makes it a favorite of travelers to counteract dry airplane air by periodically spritzing one's face and arms. As a natural humectant, it is often used in age defying creams. Rose has an affinity with the heart and aids emotional processing and supports decision making and project completion. Rose hydrosol calms, whatever the age. Spray before naptime or bedtime to instill a sense of serenity. Mist during the day to soothe the body and the psyche. A fine mist is useful for setting makeup, particularly mineral makeup.

-As a facial mist: Hold bottle in front of face at least 12 inches (3cm), or far enough away that only a fine spray falls on the face and neck.

-Let air dry or gently pat into face to settle makeup into pores.

As a body spray: Mist anywhere on body where irritation occurs as often as needed. Spray around hair or head to hydrate skin or lift spirits. Use as often as desired.

Rosa damascena distillate, Organic. USA


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