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German Chamomile Hydrosol

  • German chamomile hydrosol is a potent but gentle mist especially recommended for sensitive skin.
  • Makes an excellent aftershave.
  • Intense calming properties for stressful events.
  • Room or linen mist to quiet mind for sleep.


Powerful stress relief. Matricaria recutita. Organic. USA.

It is a skin care wonder that is recommended as a gentle toner for sensitive skin and makes a good aftershave for men with sensitive skin. Safe for babies and children, it is an excellent spray to use anywhere on the body.

Though Roman chamomile hydrosol is a better choice for children, German chamomile hydrosol is useful for some types of sensitive skin. Amazing results have been obtained when used several times a day. Try it on sweaty feet and smelly shoes.

Many of the hydrosols are aromatically calming and German chamomile hydrosol excels at being emotionally comforting. Surprisingly, some consider it to be more potent than Roman Chamomile hydrosol; this may be unique to each individual. Along with lavender, it provides an excellent skin, room, and linen mist to enhance relaxation at bedtime after a stressful or busy day, or when one's mind will not settle.

A tablespoon in a child's bath will slow him or her down. Try it on your animals too.

  • Mist as often as needed.
  • Use as wash or toner for sensitive or blemished skin.

Matricaria recutita Organically grown and distilled in USA. Stable for up to two years. Aroma is subtle and green. Taste is usually bittersweet which improves upon dilution. 


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