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(Manufacture discontinuing product. Very limited quantity remains.)

Lemongrass Hydrosol

  • Refreshing skin care toner to control oil, minimize pore size, balance the skin and promote a radiant complexion.
  • Excellent facial mist or as a gentle aftershave.
  • Calming and soothing to the spirit.
  • Makes a scalp cleansing hair rinse.
  • Very cooling to the legs and feet.

Clears pores, acne, oily skin. Healthy scalp. Oral care. Calming. Cymbopogun citratus. Organic. USA.

Lemongrass is more familiar as part of Asian cooking, but this newest addition to the hydrosol family will quickly find its way into daily skin care regime. The information on this hydrosol is slim but we can take some indications from its benefits as an essential oil. Its most recognized usefulness is its astringent, antioxidant, cleansing properties, which makes it helpful to relieve oily skin and blemishes.

It's often used post exercise on the neck, shoulders, and back to clarify skin. Men in particular like its lemony aroma.

At least seven different essential oils are found in various types of lemongrass.Several oils in lemongrass repel insects (including citronellol, the active ingredient in citronella candles) and these are present in lesser amounts in the hydrosol.

The uses of lemongrass hydrosol are still in the formative stages and like many natural therapeutics, the anecdotal information is ahead of the research studies.

  • Mist as often as needed anywhere on body.
  • Use as toner morning and night for oily skin care.
  • Aroma is fresh and lemon-like. It is particularly liked by men. 
  • Taste is moderate and pleasant.
Cymbopogun citratus Organically grown and distilled in the USA. Stable for up t24 months. Aroma is fresh and lemon-like. It is particularly liked by men. Taste is moderate and pleasant.

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