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Mineral Blush Powder - SHADES OF BEAUTY!

Note: Colors may vary from true on different monitors. We encourage you to request samples.

 "These are just beautiful!"  

Kandace S. / Los Angeles

    • Powder blushes achieve a natural flush of color. All blushes are as soft as they are beautiful.
    • Colors range from gentle to deep and all can be applied with varying degrees of intensity. Light texture allows you to change the appearance with layering. Mix colors to achieve a custom shade.
    • Most shades require only a few granules evenly spread over the tips of the hairs of the brush to achieve lovely results. So little powder is needed to achieve results that one jar will easily last a year or more.
    • The subtler shades can be used to contour the face either before or after using foundation and finishing powders.
    • Use blush powder for eye shadow for a coordinated look.
    • These colors are equally beautiful for lip colors, eye shadow, or nail polish.
    • Paraben-free. Bismuth oxychloride free. No nanoparticles.
    • Large 25g jar with rotating sifter. 

Color descriptions. 

  • Bella - Beautiful pale blushing pink.
  • Blushing Senorita - Apricot mocha.Matte.
  • Cabernet - Rosy mocha.
  • Dusk Sky - Deep mauve mocha. Matte.
  • Halo - Dusty peach w/ subtle gold shimmer.
  • Keepsake Rose - Antique rosy mauve. Matte.
  • Peaches - Happy light sunlit coral.
  • Rose Blossom - Softest pink w/ hint of lavender.
  • Tickled Pink - Radiant medium pink.
  • Large 25g jar with rotating, reclosable, rotating sifter. 


Soft and beautiful for every skin tone.

  • Mineral glow for natural radiance from nature herself.
  • Provides a soft finish that lasts from the time you apply it to the time you wash it off.
  • Equally safe for lips and eyes.
  • Free of synthetic dyes and irritating ingredients.
  • Concentrated pigments require only a few granules to achieve blushing results. One jar will last and last.

BRUSH RECOMMENDATION: Best when applied with a flat topped bronzer or fluffy contour blush brush.

Basic blush application. Half of all women do not apply blush but it is one of the most useful cosmetics for a healthy looking flush and facial contouring. The trick is to avoid intense coloration that gives clown cheeks. The steps below took longer to write and for you tread than it will to obtain a flattering glow, but stay with me on this. The number one rule is to keep color light and natural looking.

1. Choose the proper color. The idea is to emulate the natural flush of your skin as if you were out in the cold or after exercising. You can be Victorian and pinch your cheeks to see what this looks like. Or you can match your lip color. In general, recommended shades by skin tone: Fair skin: Neutral, peach, sheer plum, or pink shades. Medium skin: Apricot, mauve, rose. Olive skin: Orangey peach, bronze, rose. Dark skin: Raisin, brick, deep rose, tangerine. All skin tones: Bronzer for natural contours. Tired, dull, stressed skin: Use a dusty pink to perk up your appearance.

2. Choose format. In general: Combo, balanced, oily skin: powder, baked minerals, stain (work quickly w/ stains as they dry fast; more unforgiving but extremely long lasting) Very dry skin: baked minerals, cream; powders followed by setting mist All skin: Use combination of formats for increased luminosity. All skin: Experiment using lipstick as a cream blush.

3. Apply blush after foundation, before finishing powder. Caveat: Makeup artists often recommend blush after eye color and lipstick and some apply blush BEFORE foundation as they say it gives a more natural look. Directions that follow presume foundation has been applied.

4. Use a full size blush brush or flat top bronzer (not your foundation brush). Use a light amount of color on tips (tap brush head on tissue to evenly distribute color and prevent over-application of color).

5. Start at hairline, moving along cheekbone with light downward strokes, leaving a barely there contour of color. This gives structure to your face. Starting at hairline is insurance in case you have too much color on your brush as it is easier to correct at the far edge rather than the middle of your face.

6. Smile into mirror. Find the apples of your cheeks and using same color, or a little more vibrant one, dust lightly for a healthy flush. Use your foundation or finishing powder kabuki, without additional powder, added to lightly dust in a downward motion to feather color into skin for most natural coloration. If too much powder has been applied, use the kabuki with finishing powder added to lessen intensity. If using a cream format, dab color on with fingertip and blend with clean fingers to pick up excess color. Keep it light, regardless of depth of color used. Even deep tone blush should be applied with a light hand. When using a powder brush, no swirling. Keep strokes in same direction. For nude or most natural color, use bronzer with a light hand.

7. For a little extra evening glamour, add a little glimmer dust at the corner of the cheek and alongside the outside of the eye.

TIPS -Softly apply finishing powder with downward strokes over blush to feather it further and provide the most natural looking glow. -Blush that contains too much sparkle for your taste can be toned down with a light dusting of finishing or foundation powder.

Mica Smooth sheen.
Titanium Dioxide CI7791 Natural sunscreen. Opacity.
Zinc Oxide Natural sunscreen. Opacity.
Magnesium Stearate (Kosher, vegetable sourced. Pharmaceutical grade.) Enhances adhesion to skin for long lasting color.
Iron oxides Natural coloration.
May contain Ultramarines or Magnesium Violet Natural coloration.


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