Depending on travel distance and temperature, orders may be held for posting early in the week.

**Remeber to modify your makeup for summer.

*May need a deeper shade of foundation. *Bronzer adds natural summer glow.


Samples. Five samples. Your choice.

  • Five samples. You choose.
  • List the items desired in the "Note to Abbey St. Clare" comments section on the Shopping Cart page. 
  • We encourage the use of samples. It prevents unhappiness.
  • Samples are assembled as needed..
  • The main purpose of samples is for you to determine any sensitivity to the ingredients, but sometimes you just want to try before you buy. They are not intended for more than a few applications.
  • Please restrain from ordering 10 samples of the same item repeatedly.
  • Secret note: We provide 2-3 samples as a gift to you with every order. We base the choice on the items in the order, but If you have particular items you would like to try, feel free to let us know in the comments section of the checkout page.
5 samples / $7.00 List the items desired in the comments section of the check out process. See Descriptions below for descriptions of sample sizes.    

Choose 5 for $7!

Please realize that some products just do not lend themselves to sampling, e.g. lip colors, some pressed products etc. RE cosmetic foundations: We understand the importance of matching cosmetic colors to your skin, especially foundation. If you desire samples of the pressed or baked foundations, we will send you a small sample of the crushed product in a sample jar. We recognize it is not an elegant solution, but it does allow you to make a determination. Sample sizes.
Product Container
Mineral powders Small zip-loc bags.
Pressed mineral shadows No sample available.
Cream/pressed foundations Small amount in 3mL jars
Creams 5g plastic jars
Serums 3mL plastic bottle
Oils 1-2mL glass vials
Cleansers 15mL plastic hinge top containers
Toners 1mL bottles
Shampoo 3mL plastic bottle
Conditioner 15mL plastic hinge top container
Kettle Soap Sliver of soap. Various sizes.