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$10 Motivation to Spring Clean Your Cosmetic Drawer!

April 14, 2021

$10 Motivation to Spring Clean Your Cosmetic Drawer!

See our simple tips and motivating offer for you to clean out and organize your beauty products.  Learn the why, the what, and the how that makes it easy for you.

Cosmetic hoarding is probably universal. You know the scene: Lipsticks that are worn to a nub and drying out; the two for one price lip glosses that caught your eye at the drug store on your way to the toothpaste aisle that looked better in the package than on your lips. Bottles and jars of skin creams from which you want to squeeze out the last drop, a lovely eye shadow that you are certain you will need one day, and so on and so on and so on.  Cosmetic stashes are addictive. Time to clean house.


  1. The first is aesthetic. Decluttering any area of your life leads to a sense of inner harmony and control. Really. I know this because tidying guru Marie Kundo tells us this is so. Her Konmari method of letting go of extraneous items in life is meant to “spark joy.” That may seem hyperbolic when looking for your foundation brush, but there is indeed a sense of satisfaction in being able to simplify and minimize “stuff” in your surroundings. Sorting and organizing your life may seem overwhelming but decluttering your makeup drawer is a manageable first step.
  1. The practical: Safety. Most beauty products have term limits. Preservatives are necessary if you want to keep products more than a few days without refrigeration, but even well-formulated cosmetics only remain stable at room temperature for a few years at best. Once a product is opened and is exposed to the air, certain ingredients begin to degrade.Heat and humidity – the common bathroom environment --promote bacterial growth as well. In addition, once you touch a product with your fingers, you transfer germs to the product and ultimately to your face. It is for this very reason that here at the Abbey we aim for “no touch” packaging as much as possible to minimize contamination.
  1. Effectiveness. Even expensive cosmetics reach a point where they do not work as well as they used to.Gel pencils dry up. It’s okay.The Konmari method would have you express gratitude to any item that is no longer useful before discarding it.



  1. TAKE EVERYTHING OUT. EVERYTHING. Place everything on the counter so you can see what you have.
  1.  SEPARATE ITEMS INTO CATEGORIES. This allows you to see which areas especially need winnowing.
  1. WHEN IN DOUBT, THROW IT OUT. PICK UP EACH REMAINING ITEM AND HONESTLY ASK YOURSELF IF YOU WILL USE IT AGAIN. Don’t get caught up in “perhaps I might use it again.” You usually won’t. And don’t fret over thinking how much money you paid and are throwing out. Think of all the items you bought over the years that you wore or used once.If you obtained just one happy day from something, it served its purpose. And if it helps, thank it for the joy it once gave you - even if only in its potential - and then let it go. It could be a zen moment.Marie would be proud.
  • Place everyday use items in easily accessible tray or cosmetic bag.
  • Place additional items in separate trays in your drawer. If you don’t touch these items in the next six months, toss them away.

MOTIVATION? Send us before and after pictures of your Cosmetic Spring Cleaning by email (abbeyinfo at abbeystclare dot com) and we will send you a coupon code worth $10 on your next order! We`ll be posting the really good befores and afters on our social media channels!

Now, go out there and organize!

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