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Abbey St Clare Wellness Products: Natural Health Solutions That Are Genuinely Natural

April 14, 2023

Abbey St Clare Wellness Products: Natural Health Solutions That Are Genuinely Natural

Harmful chemicals are everywhere. We can fight against this by not putting even more chemicals and additives onto our skin or into our bodies. This is far easier said than done. 

How many times have you gone shopping for a health or skincare product, picked up a jar that advertised how natural and healthy the formula was, and saw a label listing phthalates, parabens, and other chemicals that you don’t want? 

Often products that are touted as "natural" or "healthy" contain chemicals and additives that add to your body's toxic burden. 

Thankfully, it’s possible to find natural, everyday wellness products that contain the healthful ingredients you want and none you don’t. Abbey St Clare offers health products that are chemical-free and additive-free, so you can reap the full benefits that nature has to offer.

Hand Cleansing

Hand sanitizers are typically harsh and drying. They also have a distinct antiseptic smell that’s hardly appealing. This doesn’t have to be the case!

With sustainable, non-GMO alcohol, essential oils, and no harmful chemicals, our skin-conditioning hand sanitizer is a gentle and all-natural way to disinfect your hands. Repeated use won’t dry your hands out, and the essential oil fragrances are safe for adults, kids, and even people with sensitive skin. 

Body Cleansing

Most people don’t know that seasonally dry, itchy skin isn’t an inescapable fact of life. That’s because many people use soaps that strip the skin of its protective and beneficial oils. 

Our kettle soap is different. With no parabens, no lauryl sulfate, no petroleum products, and no preservatives, it contains naturally cleansing and moisturizing compounds from plants—and sometimes goat milk, if you choose a non-vegan variety. 

Kettle soap is a great choice for everyone, but men especially appreciate some of our spicier scents. 

Fingernail Care

Some people have naturally healthy cuticles and nail beds. For many of us, though, daily activities such as typing, dishwashing, pet care, manual labor, or even nervous nail-biting results in cracked, broken skin around our nails. 

Cuticle oil soothes the dry, irritated skin around your fingernails and leaves your skin feeling moisturized without being greasy. With consistent use, it can keep your skin and nails from flaking and peeling, extending the life of your manicure and improving the health of your hands. 

Toenail Care

Unfortunately, many of us also neglect our toenails. Only when something starts to hurt, smell strange, or appear infected do we start to pay closer attention.  

If your toenails are not as healthy as they should be, our Serum St. Martha is a great treatment option. It can help clear infections, heal fungus, soothe redness, reduce nail thickness, and combat foot odors. Used regularly, it produces healthy nails and nail beds and prevents adverse conditions from developing. 

Altitude Sickness/Wellbeing

Reputed to be one of the safest, most effective, and most desirable essential oils, lavender can help with many conditions. Use it to help soothe anxiety, fight altitude sickness, encourage restful sleep, or even as a first aid tool in wound care. 

Our formula is gentle enough to use with less dilution than other essential oils, but powerful enough to make a big difference in your routine. 

Pain Relief

Additive-free wellness solutions that are strong enough to offer real pain relief are hard to find. Our St. Luke’s Relief formula is a great option for help with joint pain, bug bites, and muscle aches. One reviewer even soothed her sore throat and eased her stuffy nose by applying it to the front of her neck. 

Made with aloe, witch hazel, and a large array of essential oils, this pain relief cream should be in your medicine cabinet. 


When you think of anti-wrinkle skincare treatments, your mind may drift toward harsh exfoliants and painful dermatological therapies. Some people pay exorbitant amounts of money for supposedly cutting-edge lotions and creams from big brand names that may or may not work. 

One treatment you may not know about is natural emu oil. Sustainably produced emu oil is a wonderful emollient, moisturizer, and wrinkle-fighter. Consistent use helps heal dry, cracked skin, reduce redness, and even diminish the appearance of age lines. 

Stress and Physical Discomfort

Stress is an unfortunate fact of life. However, where there are stress and tension, there are also natural solutions that can help ease the pressures of daily life. 

Vesper’s Oil is one of our favorite stress-busting options. It can help users feel more relaxed and serene, and it promotes deep, restful sleep. This is an especially potent helper for children who struggle with bedtime; it’s gentle enough for kids, but soothing enough to help ease their discomforts and make bedtime a more positive experience. 

Skin Moisturizing

Commercially-produced moisturizers typically have hefty price tags and a long list of unpronounceable ingredients. Spend enough time shopping in the skincare aisle, and you might get the impression that effective moisturizing elements must be incredibly rare or require obscure preservatives. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. The best natural moisturizing oils come from plants such as coconuts, apricots, and aloe. That’s why we’ve developed our Creme De Beurre with ingredients that come straight from the earth. The result is beautifully moisturized, glowing skin, just as nature intended. 

Post-Treatment Recovery

Recovering from dermatology problems and their treatments can be painful, and you must always be careful to choose products that support your body’s natural healing processes rather than disrupt them with chemicals and additives. 

A great example of natural wound-healing help comes from one of our reviewers. They had been suffering from an abscess, and sought our help. With the combination of tea tree oil charcoal soap to draw out the infection and Botanical Oil #5 to help heal the wound, they were able to avoid surgery and eliminate the abscess naturally. 

Distressed Skin

Distressed skin can happen for any number of reasons, but most people encounter problems arising from sunburns, hormonal disruptions, acne-causing pollutants, and blocked pores. One of the worst things you can do for distressed skin is to cover it with the harsh chemicals you’ll find in typical acne care products. 

Instead, opt for gentle, natural cleansers such as our Clear Control Serum & Poultice. It contains tea tree oil, chamomile, hazelnut oil, and natural clay to deeply clean pores and soothe irritated skin. 

Skin Toner

Did you know that lemongrass is one of nature’s best natural skin toners? It minimizes the appearance of pores and controls oil production to keep your face looking bright and clean. As a bonus, it’s also calming, soothing, cooling, and it smells wonderful. 

If you fall in love with the scent and the refreshing clean feeling, you’ll find other uses for it besides misting it on your face. Our customers enjoy using lemongrass as an aftershave or a cleansing hair and scalp rinse. 

Skin Repair

It’s especially important to choose chemical-free health products if your goal is skin repair. When your skin has gone through trauma—sunburns, wounds, scarring, or anything else—it is working hard to heal and replace the damaged tissue. Adding harsh chemicals and harmful additives into the mix can make the problem worse rather than better. 

That’s why we’ve created this soothing, all-natural carrot repair serum using moisturizing plant oils and antioxidants. It will support your skin’s already remarkable ability to heal without irritating your sensitive scars and damaged areas. 

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