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Best mineral makeup for shiny skin

August 27, 2016

Best mineral makeup for shiny skin

Everyone loves a luminous glow, but what if it's too much of a good thing? If you struggle with unwanted shine, then you will want to explore Abbey St Clare's mineral makeup for shiny skin to help control oil and keep you looking radiant. Our natural beauty products will compliment your skin and your budget, and are free of all unwanted additives, so you can feel naturally beautiful.

Your skin is your body's largest organ and absorbs everything that touches it before going into your bloodstream. You absorb more through your skin than through what you ingest, so if it's not safe enough to put in your body, why would you put it on our skin? People are becoming more aware of this and seeking out makeup alternatives that offer natural, kinder and non-toxic formulas. In response to this trend, mineral makeup has become popularized and has changed the face of beauty. You can now achieve a flawless look using mineral makeup without toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your health.

Abbey St Clare offers mineral-based makeup that you can feel good about putting on your skin, and it looks beautiful. Formulated by Margaret Hardy, CEO, who embraces a vegan and natural lifestyle, all of our mineral makeup is made without synthetics, perfumes, parabens, artificial dyes, animal derivatives, or bismuth oxychloride. Purely-made to bring out your natural radiance, Abbey St Clare makeup contains herbs, fortifying vitamins, and botanicals containing healing properties, which makes it gentle enough for even the most sensitive of skin.

Here's our best mineral makeup for shiny skin:

Beryl Mineral Finishing Powder mineral makeup for shiny skinis a more translucent alternative to foundation. Buildable for easy layering while still providing long-lasting, sheer coverage. Cuts down on shine and blends into your skin for a healthy, dewy glow. Beautifully camouflages the look of fine lines and pores without leaving a chalky residue. Gives you a naturally beautiful, effortless look. This soft, silky powder comes in a variety shades to match skin tones ranging from barely there and fair, to honey tones and deep, warm pigments. It also contains vitamin C with antioxidants to nourish your skin. If you desire a full coverage look, you can pair this powder with one of our tinted foundations.

Mineral Sheer Tint Foundation reduces shine with its lightweight, semi-matte finish that will leave your skin feeling velvety smooth. You get the benefits of sheerness and full coverage to give you a flawless appearance - feels like your skin, but better! Light-diffusing pigments work all day long to minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Contains SPF-20 and antioxidants to repair and protect your skin. Here's what one mineral makeup evangelista has to say:

"Sheer Genius! I have been searching for a foundation or bb cream that could contend with my oily skin. The Mineral Sheer Tint Foundation is amazing! It stays on all day without shine or creasing and with an application of the baked powder, I have flawless skin all day! This is my new go-to product. Thank you so much!" -Makeup Crazed

SuperMatte Antishine can help you reclaim a shine-free complexion with this oily skin treatment. Virtually undetectable under makeup or alone on your skin, it provides a marvelously matte, soft finish. Blends beautifully and keeps excess oil at bay for light, medium, and dark skin tones. A little of this professional cream formula goes a long way - just a dab'll do ya! Use to tame the T-zone or for all-over instant oil control. Popular among makeup artists, theater actors, and photographers to counter intense lighting. Men love this product to control facial shine and glare from baldness.

Oil Control Primer Powder is an ultra-fine, translucent mineral makeup that lets your natural skin shine through while reducing shine and minimizing pores. Glides on seamlessly and leaves a matte, silky finish. Create a smooth canvas for flawless foundation application or use it to extend the wear of your foundation by applying it on top. It is also buildable to increase shine control throughout the day. Also suitable for men who want to reduce shine.

"This is my favorite product. It helps keep my makeup on during the heat of summer. Sometimes I wear it alone just to take the shine off. I like that it has essential oils in it." - Aliana, AL

Matte Shine Control Powder is an oil-absorbing mineral powder that imparts an instant natural matte finish and provides sheer to buildable coverage. Reduces shine, controls oil, and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Although it appears to have a hint of color, it goes on completely colorless. An ultra-fine powder that won't cake or leave behind a chalky residue.


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