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December 2011 Newsletter

December 08, 2011

December 2011 Click here for newsletter. Merry Christmas Everyone! This newsletter contains:
  • Holiday specials you won't want to miss.
  • Holiday schedule.
  • Blog Update
  • Foundation reformulation.
  • Samples for you.
  • Our clients tell us...
  • Our holiday specials continue:
  • Today is the last day of our 25% off St. Nicholas Day discount. You must use discount code listed on website blog posting.
  • Free shipping continues through the month of December. No code required.
  • A free soft finish kabuki is included with each purchase of a finishing powder.
  • Watch for daily specials that come and go at the whim of the elves.
  • Holiday Schedule We will be processing orders routinely through 15 December, and then the staff will be working on a reduced schedule until after Christmas.Blog Update We aim for the website blog entries to educate, inform, and enhance facets of your life. I read a variety of health, aromatherapy, cosmetic, and alternative medicine newsletters with an eye towards bringing you useful information. If you can glean even one little tidbit occasionally, it has been a worthy endeavor. I love the process of learning and hope you will enjoy reading the entries as much as I take joy in bringing them to you.Recent entries: Weary
  • Woman Makeup Remover.
  • For the times when you can hardly face one more task.
  • Quick Color Tricks for Eyes.Lovely, easy makeup how-to.
  • Gotu Kola (Centellia asiatica).What's this? A gift for your skin.
  • APPLES and ANTIOXIDANTS. Skin Care and Health from the Inside Out. I hate to say it, but the "apple a day" truism has achieved new levels of significance.
  • Foundations Revitalized! Our newly reformulated foundations are posted with descriptive color tones. We are so pleased with how these came out. We have aimed for warm, neutral, and cool tones in each level of intensity. We have also totally reformulated our deep tones to capture the various tones of ethnic shades of skin. We are in the process of obtaining new photos for the cosmetic colors which we hope will depict the colors more accurately. Until then, we are generous with samples and always encourage trying before purchasing.Speaking of Samples.... If you order regularly from us, you know that gift samples are included with each packet sent out, so the inside secret is that you may feel free to send on any particular requests in the comments box of your order form.Our clients tell us... Rice & Olives Cleansing and Facial Serum This is probably the most reasonably priced oil of its kind I have ever seen, considering all the fantastic ingredients. It is also absolutely astounding. It takes off eye makeup, it quenches my thirsty skin, it makes me glow, it makes my hair shiny, it smells amazing... I use it as a massage oil before I meditate, because the smell of frankincense is so soothing. I think this may be my favorite sea buckthorn oil serum of all time, and I've used a lot of sea buckthorn oil serums throughout the years! My thirtysomething skin still looks twentysomething and people keep asking how I look so young. This is one of the things that does it for me.Joanna.New Mineral Foundation 3.o. (Our most popular shade.) Perfect! I love this! Arlene G in California. Ginseng Tonic This is worth the money. My skin is smoother since I started this. I have become a believer that a good cleanser and toner REALLY do make a difference. Love the smell of this! Carolina. Now go out for some sunshine, perform a random act of kindness today, count your blessings, and enjoy what you have.

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