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Fighting Shine With Facial Oil Products

October 11, 2016

Fighting Shine With Facial Oil Products

 By Ivy Aubry

If you struggle with oily skin, you can find solace with clean and healthy facial oil products that combat shininess and give you a fresh and effortless “I just woke up like this” look without a lot of fuss. The solution is simple: all you need is the right makeup for oily skin and to know how to use them that can transform your skin.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s clear that mineral makeup has taken the beauty market by storm. You don’t have to look far to find these mineral wonders that enhance any skin type from normal to dry or oily.

What may not be so clear, however, is how to find the best formulation for oil-prone skin or what brands are safe to trust. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help you achieve a flawless and oil-free complexion. I’ll give you a hint: it’s all about the application and using exceptionally skin-nourishing products.

Find out how to get shine-free skin with these 5 beauty tidbits on natural facial oil products and how to apply mineral foundation like the pros (’s easier than you think).

  1. Do your prep work
Matte Shine Control Primer, a Facial oil fighting product by Abbey St Clare

Your mineral foundation glides on smoother and more evenly when you take the time to hydrate and prep your skin. Be sure to always apply makeup to freshly cleansed and moisturized skin for maximum loveliness. And, if you’re someone with oily skin who believes that’s a good reason to not moisturize, then think again. Not using a moisturizer actually encourages more oil to be produced–oy vey! If you want to ditch the extra oily skin, then your saving grace is to regularly use a skin cream for oily skin types to prevent your sebaceous glands from working overtime. (Abbey St. Clare’s Vitamin B Complex Creme is an aloe based cream that helps maintain a matte finish throughout the day.)

A mineral primer is a must-have in your beauty arsenal for those of us with oily skin. It not only cuts down on shine, but primed skin is the canvas that helps everything else on top of it to blend seamlessly with the skin. Here's one that might just become your new favorite: Abbey St Clare’s Matte Shine Control Primer. It’s a soft matte formula that keeps oil at bay all day long. Don’t be turned off by its orange tint because it goes on silky smooth and virtually translucent. It’s excellent as a primer and great for touch-ups. You also can’t go wrong with this completely colorless Oil Control Primer Powder, which has added essential oils to repair skin.

  1. Find your perfect match
Oil Control Primer Powderr, a Facial oil fighting product by Abbey St Clare

Finding your perfect match is essential for a flawless-looking application. If you've haven’t found the best one for your skin type yet, prepare to be surprised at the difference the right one makes.

If you have oily skin, you’re best to opt for a powder-based foundation for a mattifying effect and to keep your t-zone from looking shiny halfway through the day. Also, keep in mind that powder foundation is better at concealing blemishes and pores than liquid emulsions. Other added bonuses are that powder provides long-lasting, even coverage, and is more convenient for retouching, as needed.

How do you find the right shade for your skin tone? Makeup pros suggest using a yellow-based foundation if you’re concerned about reddish tones to your skin. If you have fair skin, it’s best to choose a pink-based foundation to balance out your skin tone. When applying foundation under your eyes, you can even go a shade lighter for optimal color blending. Mineral color correctors are an excellent choice for extra coverage.

  1. Apply mineral makeup like a pro
Luscious Kabuki Brush, a Facial oil fighting product by Abbey St Clare

The Luscious Kabuki Brush: an indispensable tool loved by pro makeup artists for its application of foundations and finishing powders. With soft, dense bristles, it deposits color evenly and provides a smooth finish with just the right amount of coverage.

Dip the brush into your favorite mineral powder foundation, tap away any excess, and apply to the T-zone with gentle strokes and moving out from the center toward the edges of the face. Build it up until you achieve your desired coverage. Keep in mind that mineral makeup often provides medium to full coverage, so less is more to achieve a natural, non-cakey look.

For more coverage in certain areas, you can dip a concealer brush into mineral foundation powder and apply wherever needed to minimize the appearance of dark circles, blemishes, or redness.

  1. Oil-taming mineral foundation
Baked Mineral Foundation, a Facial oil fighting product by Abbey St Clare

If you want a mineral makeup that’s lightweight and melds into your skin for a soft, no-makeup finish, then consider the Baked Mineral Foundation. It controls oily skin and reflects light to blur imperfections. With a wide array of color options, you’re sure to find one that blends beautifully with your skin tone.

Why is it baked? This unique innovation comes from Italy and uses a method of baking mineral powder mixtures on clay tiles for twenty-four hours. The result is a unique swirling of colored minerals in the form of pressed powder with the silkiness and hydrating essence of a liquid foundation. If you’re hesitant to trade in your liquid foundation because you can't get the hang of using mineral powders, then you may have just met your match.

Here’s a pro tip that will change your life: lightly spritz your face with a moisturizing mist before applying your foundation to lock hydration into your skin.

  1. Finishing touches for oily skin
Kashmir Pearls ultra-fine translucent powder, a Facial oil fighting product by Abbey St Clare

We can all appreciate the magic of a really great finishing powder to control unwanted shine and create a matte effect. Without one, you’re facing mid-day makeup meltdowns or repeat retouching. You can kiss goodbye to your oil blotting sheets, and say hello to an oil-free complexion with Beryl Mineral Finishing Powder. Use a fluffy brush and apply a light dusting of this powder all over to set your makeup and make it last longer, or you can focus on the t-zone and areas prone to excess oil.

I cannot emphasize enough that beautiful makeup begins with healthy skin. For a finishing powder that naturally encourages a healthy and oil-free complexion, try Kashmir Pearls ultra-fine translucent powder – as luxurious and feather-soft on your skin as the name implies. Perfect when used by itself, as a light primer, or as a finishing powder because it quickly absorbs oils on the skin. This mineral veil contains antioxidant pearl powder, vitamins, and minerals that brighten your skin and leave you with you a healthy, luminous glow.

Why Abbey St Clare facial oil products

There’s no need to sacrifice your health with toxic ingredients for beautiful skin. All Abbey St Clare products are plant-based and thoughtfully formulated by Margaret Hardy, founder and CEO. You will never find  irritating chemicals in these products. Her makeup is made with nutrient-rich ingredients such as earth minerals, essential oils, and plant extracts to enhance the texture of your skin and keep it feeling nourished.


Ivy Aubry is a wellness and natural beauty blogger. She is passionate about helping others to look and feel their healthiest from the inside out. For this reason, she enjoys sharing tips and advice on how to bring out your own natural radiance with plant-based skin care, non-toxic cosmetics, and other health-enhancing products.

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