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How to Avoid Common Makeup Mistakes: Eyes

August 06, 2011

Your eyes are the window to your soul. Keep the view as beautiful without as within.

  1. Unless you trend towards Gothic (in which case you should probably just stop reading right now), enhance your eyes with a delicate touch. Shock and awe are as undesirable as bland and lifeless.
  2. Balance intensity on your face among eyes, blush, and lips. Choose only one area to highlight. If your blush is bright and shiny, mute the color on your eyes. If your lip color is strong, use eye makeup that is subtle. Use deeper, more dramatic shades when you want to highlight your eyes, but then choose lighter tints for your lips and cheeks.
  3. Avoid using the exact same shade for blush, eye, and lip color. A beautiful face is a blend of complimentary shades.
  4. Less is more when it comes to eyeliner. Heavy handed rings of black around the eyes is so 1980’s.
    • No Egyptian eyes or cat eyes. Heavy outlining of eyes that extend beyond the corners makes you look scary. It is also aging.
    • Use a thin line of black or brown on the upper lids to make the eyes appear larger. Layer color for more intensity. Do not extend liner beyond the edges.
    • Black eyeliner is more aging than brown or navy. Similarly, a smudged liner application is softer and more youthful.
  5. Leave rainbows in the sky. Resist applying more than three colors. Use a medium shade on lids, a lighter shade to highlight the brow bone, and the deepest tone as liner.
  6. Keep dramatic eye makeup for the evening, unless, ahem, your work calls for the dramatic. Use a single light shade from lash line to brow for most daytime wear.
  7. Too much shimmer accentuates lines around the eyes.
  8. Avoid temptations to blindly follow color trends. Use discretion; perhaps neon orange or electric blue are not the best choices for you. Choose colors that provide the most natural beauty to your overall appearance.
  9. Keep brows groomed without over-tweezing. The most natural looking brows are achieved with a brush rather than a pencil.
  10. No clumpy mascara. Several thin coats of mascara are better than a single thick blob of color. But by all means, use mascara; everyone looks better with a little mascara.

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