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How to Avoid Common Makeup Mistakes: Lips

August 11, 2011

Never let your lips enter the room before you do.

Lip Color 2014 600
    1. Any list of makeup errors regarding lip color begins and ends with lip liner.
      • Dark lip liner with light lipstick belongs in the 80’s. Thank goodness. If you use a liner, choose one that matches your lip color.
      • Blowfish lips need to remain in the sea. Trying to make your lips look larger than life by lining them beyond their natural contours never works.Avoid looking foolish by applying lipstick or gloss first, then choose a liner in the same shade as your lipstick or gloss and draw a thin line along the outer edge of the color.
  1. Subtly enhance the appearance of fullness with a thin layer of shimmer mineral powder on the lower lip only.
  2. Avoid lipstick or gloss if your lips are chapped or sunburned. Use a healing balm, with a little Vaseline or non-petroleum jelly if you desire some gloss, until your lips are healed. Note: Lipsticks formulated for all day wear are very drying for most women.
  3. Choose color for your lips to fit the occasion, your hair color, your age, and your overall skin tone. Deep red is not for everyone. Know thyself. In general, keep dramatic colors for dramatic events or evenings, whichever comes first. In general, subtle shades are more youthful as we age.
  4. Do not let your eyes and lips battle each other for attention. If your eye makeup is bright or dramatic, your lips should be subtle. Strong lip color calls for delicate eye color.
  5. Keep lipstick off your teeth. It is amazing how often this occurs. A gentle blot with tissue between your lips helps prevent this. Another suggested method is to put a finger in your mouth and close your lips around it as you pull it out. This helps remove lipstick on the inside of your mouth that could rub off on your teeth. Perhaps the best strategy is paying attention to this throughout the day.
  6. Creeping lip color can be avoided.
    • Gently powder lips with foundation powder before applying lipstick or gloss. This locks color into place.
    • Apply lip color, lay a tissue on lips, dust lightly with powder, and apply a second layer of color.
    • Prevention: Repair lip lines with intense anti-wrinkle treatment, especially at night. Slather it on. Oils and serums work wonders in this area. The Abbey’s Night Line Relief Serum, Rosehip Serum, and Carrot Repair Serum are excellent for this.
  7. Avoid dark red shades as these bleed more noticeably than neutral shades.

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