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How to eliminate dark circles under your eyes

May 15, 2015

How to eliminate dark circles under your eyes

Dark circles under your eyes and puffiness are caused not only by passing years, but genetics, inadequate sleep, stress, and allergies. Here are the most effective tips to treat the eye area.

1. Vitamin C thickens the skin to eliminate dark circles.

Skin in the eye area thins as we get older. If your dark circles lighten when you press on them, it is likely they are caused by blood vessels showing through your skin. The thicker your skin, the less visible the vessels. The remedy is to thicken the skin. Antioxidants to the rescue. The antioxidant value of Vitamin C strengthens collagen, the supportive structure of your skin. Eat it as well as apply it topically. Citrus, avocados, you know the list. Strengthen your skin from the inside out.

2. Use eye cream with antioxidants and peptides to increase collagen.

Eliminate dark circles under your eyesIt is no surprise that an eye cream is one of the first specialized treatment products that is used beyond a general moisturizer. An effective eye cream provides antioxidant and peptide actives to strengthen collagen in the fragile eye area, increase circulation to diminish dark circles, and smooth wrinkles. And yes, we have a great one in Essential Eye Crème.

3. Sleep on your back to diminish puffiness.

Lack of sleep is the obvious factor, but how you sleep is equally important. If you are a side or stomach sleeper, you will notice that the eye resting on the pillow is puffier in the morning than the other. Gravity is the issue. Fluids accumulate and blood pools in the area under the eye. Sleep on your back and use two pillows. As most of us are side sleepers, this can take getting used to, but it works. Trust me.

4. Caffeine reduces puffiness and firms the skin.

Caffeine has become recognized as one of most useful skin care actives. Caffeine deflates puffiness and firms the skin. Caffeine is a diuretic; it moves fluid away from the eyes and makes them look less tired. And yes, caffeine is in our Essential Eye Crème.

5. Use concealer - yellow or peach on those dark circles under your eyes.

Concealers are your friends. Concealers make the imperfect, perfect. Well, or almost. Darkness under the eye is usually blue tinged so use yellow or peach based shades of concealer. Most people put dots of concealer on the dark circles under their eyes and blend horizontally in an oval or circle. Think TRIANGLE. Apply concealer in an inverted triangular shape, the base of the triangle under your eye and feathering down in a narrowing contour towards the middle of your cheek.

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