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May 28, 2020


Does it matter?  If you are looking to obtain the best results in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort, the answer is yes, bristle type matters.  That said, the best choice is always the one that works for you.


Natural Hair Brushes


  • Made with animal hair, which includes boar, sable, squirrel, horse, or goat.
  • Natural hair has a coating called a cuticle which is porous so it acts as a vehicle to absorb natural skin oils as well as powdery pigments for a smooth, non-streaky application.
  • Natural brushes tend to spread out more to produce a seamless, smooth, non-blotchy and most natural looking finish.
  • Natural brushes are ideal for blending.
  • Natural hair brushes are the first choice for powder-based products of all kinds.


  • Natural hair should be washed more often because they tend to absorb products and pigment.
  • Like human hair, natural brushes may dry out and break, creating more shedding.
  • Quality natural hair brushes are more costly.


Synthetic Hair Brushes


  • Made with man-made hairs, most often of nylon or polyester.
  • Do not readily absorb skin oils or pigments which makes them ideal for cream or liquid products. E.g. Our natural hair Luscious Kabuki works beautifully with mineral powders. Foundations such as Cream to Powder, Mineral Sheer Tint, or BB Cream are best applied with the Incredible or Vegan Jumbo Buffer.
  • Synthetic nature makes them easily cut to sharp angles for very precise application of eyeliner, lipstick, or targeted concealer.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Shedding is minimal.


  • Synthetic bristles tend to cling together rather than spreading and do not move as easily over the skin as natural bristles.
  • Powder application is not as smooth.
  • Synthetic brushes are often not as flawless for blending.



  • Preferred choice for powders: Natural brush hair.*
  • Preferred choice for creams and liquids: Synthetic bristles.*
  • *Exception to the above: Oval Incredible Brush with unique configuration works well with all formats.
  • Shop with intended use in mind.



There is no right or wrong.  The best brush is the one that works for you.

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