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**Remeber to modify your makeup for summer.

*May need a deeper shade of foundation. *Bronzer adds natural summer glow.


October Newsletter

October 01, 2011

October 2011 Hello! It's been quite awhile since we have engaged in newsletter communication with everyone, but rest assured you are never far from our thoughts. Things are afoot at Abbey St. Clare and we want to let you know what we are up to. In this newsletter:
  • Blog Update
  • Yard sale of selected foundations and brushes.
  • Foundation reformulation update.
  • New offerings on the drawing board.
  • Our clients tell us...
Blog Update We aim for the website blog entries to educate, inform, and enhance facets of your life. I read a variety of health, aromatherapy, cosmetic, and alternative medicine news with an eye towards bringing you useful information. If you can glean even one little tidbit occasionally, it has been a worthy endeavor. I love the process of learning and hope you will enjoy reading the entries as much as I take joy in bringing them to you. Recent entries: Brazilian Blowout Beware! When the price of beauty is too high. Can ketchup prevent cancer? Wellness from the garden. Speaking of Tomato power.... Repair skin from the inside out. Mineral Foundation Powder Application Tips For a flawless complexion. Yard Sale of Foundations and Brushes Several months ago we started the process of evaluating our cosmetic colors and offerings. The goal remains to provide the healthiest, loveliest formula available. As we transition over into newer offerings, we have several foundations and some brushes going for clearance prices. This weekend we will begin to post some powders and brushes at less than half price! Check the website over the next few days to take advantage of these bargains! If you want to first try one of the foundations before committing, send us an email and we will put a sample in an envelope at no cost. There are no returns on these, so be sure. Not all colors are available and supplies are limited. Foundation Reformulation The Yard Sale we mention above is a result of a major effort that started with our foundations. There were several reasons for this:
  • We wanted to insure that we were covering the broadest spectrum of skin tones with shades useful for cool (pink), warm (yellow), and neutral tones of skin.
  • The desire to better serve those with deeper, ethnic skin tones.
  • An increase in production volumes. Natural ingredients are naturally variable and mixing larger batches allows us to better maintain consistency in coloration.
  • We needed to find new sources for high quality ingredients.
We started by staying truest to the shade of our most popular foundation, 3.o. 2.o is the second most popular shade and it has been tilted slightly more neutral, but our current 2.o customers who have tried it are happy! Whew! Rest assured that the new formulations still contain Vitamin C and allantoin and are bismuth oxychloride free. The powders tend towards matte, but without being dull for the most natural finish possible. We are in the process of obtaining new photographs for the website. We are so pleased with the results and with all due humility, we think the new formulations are even better in terms of coverage and finish. We think you will be pleased as well. New offerings on our drawing board.
    • You have asked for more blush shades that tend towards a matte finish and these are being worked on as we speak. Eye shadows will be next.
    • We have searched for and found a number of paraben free products that only need photographs to be placed on the website. These include paraben free mascara, pressed brow color, and lip creams. We are working towards vegan and/or gluten free lip glosses and sticks.
    • We have offered a lash enhancement serum that has been very popular, but soon we will have improved paraben free lash enhancement and brown enhancement serums. These products are being made for us as we speak and will contain peptides and sodium hyaluronate, the two most effective growth enhancement ingredients. We think you will love these.
    • We are formulating additional color corrector shades to add to our popular Banana Cream and Mint Cream. Soon to be available:
  • Vanilla Cream. Similar usage to Banana Cream to cover discoloration or undereye circles. Wonderful alone to brighten eye area as a shadow extended to brow.
  • Cerulean Cream. Cerulean is the $2 word for blue. Pale blue helps counter the orange tones from sunless tanning or tanning beds. While green is still the standard for covering redness, blue is equally useful on medium to light skin tones.
  • Rose Cream. An overall happy skin brightening treatment. Use when you are feeling down and out or your skin is tired and needs to perk up. Helps balance skin tones that are too yellow or orange.
  • Lavender Cream. Helps conceal light hyperpigmentation, sun damage, or balance out sallow complexions.
  • Our clients tell us...
    • After washing my face and applying a prescribed gel for my rosacaea, the red spots on my face were more red. I used a sample of the Aniba Serum and I immediately saw the redness subside, I am going to purchase the other Abbey St. Clare line for rosacaea. It works and is reasonably priced. A.S.
    • I received samples of the Bleue Creme, Carrot Repair Serum, and Vitamin A Liposome Serum, and Face Firming Concentrate, I am totally hooked. Every morning and night my face feels like I just had a facial or beauty treatment and my skin looks great! I am hooked! Julie, Massachusetts
    • I cannot go a day without the Vitamin B Complex Crème. My skin used to be shiny by 10 am, but with this and the Tea Tree Cleanser and Comfrey Tonic, I can go the whole day without worry. I even keep some of the B cream in a little jar in my desk. On stressful days when my skin gets disrupted, I dab a little OVER my makeup and the shine is gone. And oh yes, my acne is now a memory. Thanks for great products. Kathy in New York.
    Now let's go out for some sunshine, perform a random act of kindness today, count our blessings, and enjoy what we have.

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