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Solutions for 3 Common Hair Washing Mistakes

May 19, 2021

Solutions for 3 Common Hair Washing Mistakes


Over-washing hair leads to oil imbalance and hair that is dry, brittle, frizzy or dull. Over-washing dries the scalp which can lead to flaking and dandruff. Too frequent washes can make hair greasy as the scalp detects dryness which triggers increased natural oil production. Over-washing fades colored hair.


  •  Most people do not need to wash their hair more than once or twice a week. Possible exceptions: after sweaty exercise sessions, very fine hair, or if you live in extremely hot and humid climates.
  • Use quality shampoo. Shampoo is meant to clean your hair, nourish your scalp, and maintain oil balance.  Ingredients matter.
  • Avoid sulphate shampoos. They create nice lather but they are one of the main causes of dry hair as they strip the hair of natural oils and nutrients.  NOTE: Sulphates have been reported to be linked to cancer but that connection has been totally discredited.
  • Avoid silicone shampoos: They can make hair shiny but close the cuticle and lead to damaged hair. If you like silicones, use them in products independent of shampoo and take breaks from their use.

Bottom line: Wash your hair when you need to rather than thinking of it as a daily habit.



Washing hair with hot water opens up the hair cuticle and dries it out. This leads to breakage, frizziness, and fallout. Hot water can also lead to dullness if you color your hair.


  • Use lukewarm water initially as it allows shampoo to penetrate more easily.
  • Use cool water in final rinse as it helps close the cuticle to seal in moisture. This gives your hair shine and smoothness. A closed cuticle also prevents fading as it keeps color molecules from being rinsed out.


This is the most common error. Taking a few minutes to mindfully clean your hair and scalp leads to healthy hair, less flaking, and increased growth. Don’t just slap on some shampoo haphazardly and swish it around. If you’re going to wash your hair, do it right. And doing it right means to pay as much attention to your scalp as to your hair. 
Take a few minutes to massaging your scalp to stimulate better blood flow and circulation, which leads to healthy hair growth.Starting your wash at the scalp cleanses hair strands from the roots to the ends. It gently exfoliates the scalp to prevent dead skin cells accumulating and flaking off as dandruff. It balances oil production. It stimulates lymphatic drainage for healthy hair follicles to produce healthy hair.
Smelly hair? A main cause of smelly hair is swishing shampoo just around your hair instead of deep cleaning down to your scalp.  This is often a problem with long hair as you focus on the hair alone.


  • A hair washing massage is all about using gentle pressure and circular motions.
  • Place some shampoo between your hands and distribute it evenly to the top of your head, both sides, the crown (highest point at the top-back of your head), and at the base of your hair at the neck. If you want to work up a little lather, this is time.
  • Use your fingertips in circular motions starting at the front hairline and moving back until you reach your neck.
  • Rinse well and repeat. The first wash is all about removing dirt etc from your hair. The second wash is about cleaning your hair and scalp most thoroughly. If you do not have much lather in the second wash, you might need to repeat with a third wash.
  • If you apply a conditioner, rub a small amount between your fingertips and apply it to your scalp and hair with the same gentle circular motions.
  • SAFE All of the Abbey shampoos and conditioners are sulphate-free and contain essential oils and natural botanicals for a healthy scalp and maximum growth. 
  • ESSENTIAL OIL ACTIVES: The conditioners are recommended as leave-in products, which allows the actives that promote healthy hair continue to nourish your scalp and hair.
  • STRESS RELIEF: Shampoos and conditioners with essential oils help relieve stress. The oils penetrate the scalp with massage. Inhaling the aroma adds to the relaxing properties of natural oils.

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