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Step one for thinning hair

December 18, 2015

Step one for thinning hair

We try to prop up thinning hair with gels and sprays, but the repeated application of these products coats the hair and does further damage. The first step in making thin hair thicker and more voluminous is to routinely remove the hair strand coating that has built up over time.

Step one: make thinning hair thicker by removing residue

To remove the residue, just use some baking soda.

person who definitely does not have thinning hairPour a large amount of baking soda into damp hands, add a little more water to moisten it, making it into a wet paste. Work this through your hair, messaging it through and around every strand. Add more baking soda paste as needed. Rinse it out with cool water and shampoo as usual.

This treatment will remove every vestige of hair products and leave your hair fresh and clean. It will help add volume to your hair, because product build-up causes the strands to stick together and weighs them down, making your hair dull, flat, and lifeless. Baking soda in water removes residue from combs and brushes, too. Just dip them in a solution or soak them, then rinse thoroughly.

One way to make sure your hair stays shiny and fresh is to use products that don't leave a greasy residue. That's something we have worked hard on in our formulations.For light hair, we created the Camomile Shampoo and Conditioner, and for dark hair, our Coffee and Cloves Shampoo and Conditioner. And, of course, there is our Lazarus Hair Renewal System for thinning hair.

By the way, here's another tip for thin hair: When you first start to dry it, bend at the waist and get it at least halfway dry, especially on the back of your head, while your head is upside down. When you flip your head back up, you'll see you have a lot more body.

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