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**Remeber to modify your makeup for summer.

*May need a deeper shade of foundation. *Bronzer adds natural summer glow.


THE Luscious Kabuki Brush - Indispensable powder application.

  • A kabuki brush is the indispensable tool for flawless finish application of foundations and finishing powders.
  • Softest european goat hairs result in a flawless surface. Just right density insures just right coverage.
  • Deposits color evenly and makes powder almost undetectable for natural looking beautiful skin.
  • Great for buffing to add light glow.
  • Comfortable fit in two sizes.

One of the indispensables. Choose handle length.

  • There are many varieties of kabuki brushes available, but there is no finer version than this one. We know; we have tried them all. The difference is in the softness, length, and density of the brush hairs which determine how they glide across your skin.
  • The luscious kabuki evenly and effectively delivers foundation powders to your skin and melds them into your pores.
  • Use the kabuki to deliver camouflage cover to the back of your hands to hide age spots, or on your legs to make spider veins or bruises disappear.
  • The longer handle length version of the kabuki is excellent for those who wish more control. You will also appreciate the increased surface area if your hands are less nimble.
  • Quality brushes are worth the cost. Wash frequently. If the brush starts to pull on your skin, washing will solve this. Use any gentle shampoo or gentle bar soap to clean your brushes.

-Use to apply loose powder, pressed powder, bronzer, blush, and baked or pressed mineral foundation. FOUNDATION: LOOSE POWDER -Dip brush into powdered foundation. Gently tap against side of container to removed excess powder. ALTERNATE LOADING METHOD (Our favorite here at the Abbey.) : Spill some powder onto a tissue. Dip brush into opowder and gently touch brush to clean area of tissue to equally distribute powder. -Begin along forehead or side of face, anywhere where if you err with too much powder, it would not be as noticeable. -Use swirling motion to blend makeup into the skin, blurring fine lines. Take powder down along neck and upper chest area. -Dust away excess powder. FOUNDATION: BAKED POWDER -Swirl brush over solid mineral disc. Apply as above. FINISHING POWDER -Use a much lighter hand with less powder. Lightly dust over skin. BRONZER/BLUSH -Use very small amount of color, whether bronzer or blush. -For full face bronzer, use a very small amount of color and very lightly dust skin. -For blush: Starting at hairline, lightly dust color along cheek bone contours in downward motion. Use a light dusting of pink onapples of cheeks if desired. Blend all with kabuki for natural coloration. NOTE: After applying blush or bronzer as blush, use kabuki (without any additional powder) in light downward strokes to blend color into skin for a natural glowing appearance. CONCEALER -Use guidelines for foundations to apply light dusting of concealer powder over areas of discoloration. Concealer can be dusted on the back of hands or areas of legs to camouflage age spots, veins, or other areas of discoloration. BRUSH CARE: Brushes need to be washed frequently for maximum effectiveness, and especially the kabuki brush. If your brush ever begins to pull it is an indication of build up. Washing the brush will return it tits original softness and glide the powder flawlessly over your skin. Wash with gentle soap and water. Rinse thoroughly. Dry, and store the kabuki with the hairs facing up.

European supra capra (goat hair), wood handle.

Quality brushes are an investment and one you will never regret. Makeup goes on smoothly and flawlessly. Small lines and wrinkles become camouflaged within the powder.

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