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Tea Tree Hydrosol

  • Tea tree hydrosol is a natural gentle cleanser.
  • This belongs in every house.
  • Effective for any situation that calls for cleansing skin.
  • Makes a gentle toner for oily skin.
  • Safe and gentle enough for babies and children.
  • Excellent to treat cats and dogs. Hot spots respond quickly to frequent misting.

Nature's gentle cleansing agent. Antiviral. Melaleuca alternifolia. Organic. South Africa.

So many uses, so little time. Most are familiar with tea tree essential oil and its benefits. Tea tree hydrosol does all this in a safe gentle format. It is a hydrosol to always have at the ready.We usually associate tea tree products with Australia, but its distillers do not like to export the hydrosols so other countries have responded. Tea tree's properties make this hydrosol effective as a cleansing wash. Children respond well to it and combined with lavender hydrosol, it is soothing as well as cleansing. Tea tree is also an excellent foot soak. Skin care benefits include the use of tea tree hydrosol as a toner for blemished, oily skin. Safe and gentle enough for babies and children. Tea tree hydrosol is very effective for treating hot spots on both dogs and cats.  Reference: Hydrosols, The Next Aromatherapy by Suzanne Catty. Vermont. Healing Arts Press. 21. With permission of author.

  • Use as Mist, compress, wash, or soak.
  • The need dictates its delivery.

Melaleuca alternifolia Organically grown and distilled in South Africa. Stable for 24 months. Aroma is more medicinal. Taste is sharp and unpleasant. 

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