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Witch Hazel Hydrosol --Potent antioxidant. Skin balancing.

NOTE: Witch Hazel hydrosol IS NOT the witch hazel extract found on your pharmacy shelf. It contains no drying alcohol. 

Hamamelis virginiana. Organic, USA. 

  • Application benefits of witch hazel hydrosol*:

    • Witch hazel is the strongest antioxidant hydrosol, which makes it one of the most important anti-aging substances. It cleans the skin and leaves a light film of oil to soothe dry skin.
    • Helps relieve swelling with a mist, compress, or soak. A dab under the eyes at bedtime helps reduce morning puffiness.
    • Strong anti-inflammatory properties make it useful for acne, cracked or blistered skin, and to cleanse wounds.
    • Witch hazel helps constrict blood vessels, which makes it a quick remedy to stop bleeding from minor cuts and abrasions. It is a natural alternative to a styptic pencil to reduce bleeding from razor cuts.
    • Helps soothe psoriasis and eczema, especially when combined with yarrow hydrosol.
    • Calms razor burn, bites, stings, rashes, itching, sunburn, and scaling.
    • Famous for reducing hemorrhoids and varicose veins.
    • Relieves itchy bottom irritation.
    • Helps soothe sore muscles.
    • Long history of use as a gargle for sore throat or hoarseness.
    • Makes excellent wet wipes.
    • Refreshing room, linen, or clothing spray.

*Catty, Suzanne. Hydrosols, the Next Aromatherapy.


Nature's multi-tasking antioxidant.

  • Witch hazel hydrosol contains a potent concentration of all the beneficial properties of witch hazel through the process of distilling the leaves and bark of the plant. It possesses a subtle green, herbaceous aroma. Its primary use is for skin and oral care.
  • Witch hazel hydrosol should NOT be confused with the witch hazel product commonly found in pharmacies or health food stores. These contain 14-30 percent alcohol, are very drying to the skin, have varying levels of dilute extract, and are used primarily as a topical sports rub. Use reliable sources for purchasing the hydrosol to insure you are obtaining a concentrated distillate and not a diluted version.
  • Witch Hazel hydrosol should be used within one year. 


-Apply to face with moistened cotton pad as astringent tonic after cleansing face.
-Mist as often as needed or desired for irritations. 

- Use as a compress or soak to soothe skin. 

-Use as a gargle.

-Use as wet wipes.

-Makes refreshing room, linen, or clothing spray. 

    Hamamelis virginiana distillate and 0.1% food grade benzoic acid for stability.

    Witch Hazel hydrosol should be used within one year.

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