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**Remeber to modify your makeup for summer.

*May need a deeper shade of foundation. *Bronzer adds natural summer glow.


Camouflage Fine Brush -- Nothing better than taklon for precise concealing and camouflaging.

  • If you buy only one brush besides the kabuki, make it this one.
  • The brush of choice to camouflage under-eye discoloration.
  • Taklon synthetic hairs hold more color and allow for precise coverage.
  • A must-have brush to apply foundations as concealers.
  • Use to hide blemishes, hyper-pigmentation, and age spots.
  • Use to camouflage color flaws anywhere on body, including spider veins on your legs, or age spots on your hands.


One of the indispensables. Conceal and camouflage.

  • If you only purchase one specialty brush, make it this one. It puts the right amount every time exactly where you need it.
  • Made to be used wet or dry, this is the perfect tool to conceal under-eye discoloration, hide blemishes or age spots, cover spider veins, or blend away discoloration wherever it is found on your skin. Gets into hard to reach areas and provides a smooth application that seamlessly blends the powder into the surrounding skin.
  • This will become the first brush you reach for each morning to apply foundation powder under your eyes to camouflage those dark, circles that soften appear first thing in the morning, before your eye cream does its work. No other cover up product will be necessary.
  • This is an excellent brush for applying eye shadow or contouring shades around the eye.
  • Apply foundation over lids all the way up to the eyebrow to even out color and open your eyes for a more youthful appearance with natural color.
  • Applying Beryl Translucence powder or a hint of shimmer along the ocular bone, under the eyebrow, highlights and opens up the eyes for a more youthful appearance.
  • Similarly, a hint of sheen or shimmer on the middle of your lower lip makes your lips appear fuller.
  • Dip brush into corrector powder and apply to age spot, blemish, any discoloration. Feather edges into surrounding skin.
  • Apply in under-eye area, moving brush from the outside of the eye to the inside.
  • Camouflage bruises, age spots, veins, anywhere on body.  

Taklon synthetic hair, wood handle.


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