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**Remeber to modify your makeup for summer.

*May need a deeper shade of foundation. *Bronzer adds natural summer glow.


Colours Loose Mineral Eyeshadow Powder - Vegan - Brush Gift with purchase.

    Receive a free brush with every purchase of eye shadow! 
      Vegan. No chemical additives. No preservatives. 
    • Versatility unlimited. Colors can be used as an eye shadows (shading, highlighting,contouring), liquid liners, nail polish, lipstick, blush, or body shimmer.
    • Gentle and safe for sensitive eyes.
    • Powder goes on ultra-smooth without pulling or dragging the delicate eye area.
    • Stays put for hours without creasing.
    • Use with Botanical Eye Sealant for unique liner shades.


    For beautiful eyes. Multi-tasking for lips and nails. NEW larger size jar!

    Some general suggestions for shadow color:

    • Choose contrasting colors to highlight your eyes. Matching shadow to eye color cancels out your eyes.
    • If tired eyes are red or have dark circles, avoid blue and grey shades.
    • A professional eye shadow application uses three shades of increasing intensity:
      • Choose a lighter shade to highlight brow bone.
      • Use medium shade for middle of eye to enhance the color of your iris.
      • Use a deeper tone in a sideways V -- < -- to add depth.
    Guidelines for shadow based on eye color
    • Blue eyes: Rich warm browns, warm taupes, soft peaches and pinks, deep blues.
    • Green and Hazel eyes: Golden browns, warm taupes, deep purples and blues, soft peaches and pinks, and soft violets.
    • Grey eyes: Charcoal, cool brown and purple.
    • Brown eyes: Lucky you! Every color looks great.

    BRUSH RECOMMENDATIONS: Fine point straight line, angled fine point, straight line taklon, or smudging brush.

    Eye Shadow

    • Using a shadow brush of choice, pick up a small amount of colored powder, tap off excess, and brush gently on eyelids, or under the brow area for highlights.
    • Use eye primer for longest lasting shadow color without creasing.  
     Eyeliner Dry liner:
    • This is a soft look and a smudging brush works well. Dip brush into powder, tapping off excess, and apply with feathery strokes to edges of eyelids.
    • A light misting with setting spray helps increase staying power. A cotton q-tip or edge of cotton pad moistened with Eyeliner Sealant lightly dabbed over color also increases longevity.
    Liquid Liner:
    • Moisten fine line brush with Eyeliner Sealant. Dip into powder and use feathery strokes to make a thin line along lashes.
    • Repeat until intensity and width is achieved.It is more effective to apply successive layers of thin lines rather than one thick line of color.
    Nail polish from loose powder
    • Any color of nail polish can be customized with the addition of mineral powders. Make a small amount of a new color, add sparkle or sheen tan existing color, or modify an existing color with the addition of colored mineral powders. The possibilities are endless.
    • To experiment with a color, pour a small amount of polish into a disposable dish, bowl, even plastic wrap or aluminum foil (to make clean up easy). Mix powder into polish and apply. This small batch method allows you to make a single use color. Add powders to a bottle of polish if you find a color particularly appealing.
    •  Use of disposable brushes with a small amount of polish allows you to change your color frequently with little waste and without bringing color into the original polish bottle.
    • This is a great way to use up those half empty bottles of polish that you no longer wear.
    • Mix clear nail polish with any shade of loose shadow (or blush) powder until you are happy with the color.This allows you to match your shadow to your nail.
    • Mix any loose mineral powder into colored nail polish to change the shade or add sparkle for a special occasion.

    Mica. May contain ( /-) Iron Oxides, Titanium dioxide CI77891, Ultramarines, Silk Powder.

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