Eyeliner Mineral Indelible Duo Pencil/Smudger

Waterproof. Smudge proof. Customer favorite.

  • Long-lasting color that enlarges your eyes beautifully.
  • Color glides on and stays on.
  • Vitamin E protects.
  • Infusions of anti-aging botanical extracts hydrate the delicate eye area: Avocado, Tomato, Kiwi, Lemon, Pear.
  • No sharpener needed. 
Quick Tips to make eyes appear larger.
  • Use a soft liner on upper lash-line only. Contrary to what many think, lining the lower lash-line actually shrinks the appearance of the size of the eye. Lining the upper lash-line widens and enlarges the eye.
  • Extend the liner just past the lash-line with a slight upward angle.
  • Open up eyes with a light highlighter or shadow on the brow bone.
  • Use a subtle, reflective shadow along eyelids to even out skin tone and reflect light outward.
  • If you are not one who wears eye-shadow routinely, apply concealer to your eyelids for similar results.
  • Use thick or thin line along top and/or bottom lash lines.
  • Build up color as desired.
  • Use smudging sponge to blur the line for a softer look.

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