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Lavender High Altitude French Essential Oil

  • Highest quality French lavender oil.
  • The one essential oil that belongs in every home first aid kit.
  • No equal in treating delicate skin.
  • Long appreciated for its calming qualities.
  • Useful for aromatherapy.
  • Safe enough for young children and pregnant women in dilution.

10 mL / 0.3 oz


Lavandula angustifolia. Finest High Altitude French Lavender.

This is the ultimate essence lavender essential oil. Imported from France, it is higher in active phytochemicals. Heavenly fragrance. If you have no other essential in your life, you should have lavender. It is one of the few essential oils that can be applied neatly. undiluted, an indication of its gentleness on skin.  Soothing for skin distress of various sources. 


Lavender for the Emotions and Spirit

Lavender essential oil is a natural relaxant and is used universally for its calming effects. It is used to calm a stressed spirit. It is wonderful for inducing a restful sleep. A drop on the pillowcase, in the bath, or in a synergy massaged into the soles of the feet and hands (See Vespers Oil) leads to a pampered feeling and peaceful night. Children love a nightly foot rub or bath that includes lavender.


Lavender for Physical Healing

St. Hildegard von Bingen, a 12th century herbalist, wrote lavish praise for lavender. Use anytime your skin or spirit desires; a drop of lavender along with one of chamomile in three tablespoons of almond oil makes a baby massage oil for dry and rough skin and promotes calm.

Lavender for Skin Care

Add a few drops to appropriate carrier oil, cream, or lotion to soothe your skin. Several drops in bath water can soothe that feeling of overworked muscles and stiffness as you bathe in the scent. Use a drop on a wet facecloth to wipe your face and neck for a refreshing lift.

Lavender is one of the essential oils that can be applied neat, i.e. full strength. Always patch test to determine irritation.

High Altitude Lavandula angustifolia Essential Oil. France


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