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How Can DMAE Anti-Aging Skin Care Help Reverse the Signs of Aging?

September 16, 2019

How Can DMAE Anti-Aging Skin Care Help Reverse the Signs of Aging?

Is your skin starting to feel looser? Have you noticed an age spot or two showing up? Maybe fine lines are starting to appear around your eyes, mouth, and forehead. No matter how it shows up, getting older happens to us all—and our skin is often one of the first areas to show it.

We may not be able to stop the aging process, but a good skin care routine backed by nature-based products can make all the difference. Many men and women are turning to DMAE skin care as an anti-aging solution—but what makes these serums, cleansers, and creams so effective? What is DMAE, and is it really the best anti-aging treatment for your skin?

Let’s dive into DMAE a little more and learn about the symptoms of aging skin and why including DMAE in your skin care routine is a natural, effective way to soften the aging process.

Common Symptoms of Aging Skin

The aging process—and individual skin profile—is wholly unique for each person, with each of us showing varying signs of aging. Effects of aging can even change over time, meaning that your anti-aging skin care routine may need to change as well. Keep an eye out for these common signs of aging:

  • Age spots—When your skin ages, the production of pigment cells (melanocytes) increases. Young skin can flush these extra melanocytes out, but over time our cells lose the ability to dispose of cellular waste. The face and hands are typically where age spots first begin to appear, as they are areas of high sun exposure. 

  • Loose skin—Young skin can produce higher levels of elastin and collagen, which maintains a firmer skin surface. Aging slows down the production of elastin and collagen, leaving skin susceptible to moisture loss (another key factor in skin laxity).

  • Fine lines and wrinkles—Decreasing elastin and collagen levels will make it easier for your skin to develop wrinkles and fine lines. Areas of your face that move often during the day, such as your eyes and mouth, will start developing fine lines and wrinkles quicker than others. 

  • Dull tone—As dead skin cells build up, the surface of your skin can start to look dull. Regular exfoliation and cleansing can help fight against dullness, but the aging process will continue to slow down your skin’s ability to renew and regenerate new cells.

  • Bruising—The walls of your blood vessels will naturally become weaker and thinner as you age. If you notice that your skin is bruising more easily, this is likely due to the natural aging process.

What is DMAE?

DMAE Biartrate (also known as 2-dimethylaminoethanol) is an organic compound that is often used in anti-aging skin care products. Small amounts of DMAE are produced naturally within the brain. We can find DMAE in much larger amounts in fatty fish such as salmon, sardines, and anchovies.

You may not have heard of DMAE, but it’s always been a part of your daily life. This organic compound is a building block for acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that supports function and communication between your brain, your muscles, and your blood vessels. 

Scientists are still exploring the full range of health benefits, but what we do know is that the potential DMAE benefits are far-reaching, according to physicians and dermatologists. Known as a mind health compound, DMAE is thought to be a key part of supporting memory, learning, and overall brain health. 

In fact, DMAE has been extensively studied for its brain-boosting power in treatment for ADHD and Alzheimer’s. It is possible that DMAE supplementation may improve memory and cognitive function by increasing production of acetylcholine.

Scientific studies on cognitive DMAE benefits may be limited, but there are numerous reports that show evidence of anti-aging benefits when applying dimethylaminoethanol through skin care products. Below, we’ll take a look at what DMAE can do for your anti-aging skin care regimen.

What Does DMAE Do for Your Skin? Five Key Benefits

When applied directly to the skin, DMAE can be a powerful, natural way to address a range of common anti-aging concerns such as wrinkles, loose skin, age spots, and more. By incorporating DMAE skin care products into your daily routine, you can experience:

1. Tighter skin

As we age, our skin naturally starts to lose its laxity. DMAE anti-aging skin care products naturally support muscle tone and healthy cell growth, tightening and firming skin in the process. In one study by Johnson & Johnson, DMAE serum resulted in visible improvement in coarse wrinkles, nasolabial folds, and neck firmness—all in just two weeks! 

Our Face Firming Concentrate is a DMAE serum that combines six of the most effective anti-aging antioxidants to tone, firm, and even out skin texture. Idebenone provides powerful antioxidant hydration and improves the textural appearance of skin. Use on its own or before applying moisturizer twice daily for best results.

2. Fewer age spots

While not harmful to the skin, age spots (or “liver spots”) can be a source of frustration for men and women alike. They are often one of the most visible signs of mature skin. These darkened, brown patches of skin generally have two causes: increased production of melanocytes, and a buildup of lipofuscin, a cellular waste product. 

As we get older, our cells begin to lose the ability to naturally discard lipofuscin. Some research points to DMAE cream, serums, and tablets as supporting cellular function in flushing away lipofuscin, decreasing the appearance of age spots by helping to remove darkened or damaged pigments. 

For age-defying defense against blemishes, dryness, wrinkles and more, our ever-popular Vitamin A Liposome Serum is a powerful all-in-one solution. DMAE, Vitamin A, jojoba oil, Vitamin E, and more combine to even skin tone and soothe troublesome, aging skin. Use after toning and before any subsequent treatment to boost effectiveness and promote deep cellular renewal.

3. Clearer skin

We all struggle with blemishes and discoloration in our teenage years, but having consistently clear skin is often a lifetime struggle. There are a number of reasons why you may be experiencing blemishes, including diet, hormonal fluctuations, and clogged pores due to bacteria buildup. 

Cleansing your skin is a critical first step in fighting against recurring blemishes—but for mature skin, replenishing the nutrients lost in the natural aging process is equally as important. Helping the cells get rid of waste products keeps the deepest layers of your skin healthy and vibrant, and this is where DMAE’s ability to support healthy cell function provides fantastic anti-aging benefits.

With essential oils, Vitamin B3, and DMAE to invigorate dullness and reduce signs of aging, our Aniba Serum is packed with natural-based remedies for distressed, sensitive, and blemished skin. Quick absorption and powerful moisturizing allows this serum to bring dull skin back to life. 

Our Comfrey Tonic is also a great DMAE anti-aging solution for distressed skin that is prone to excess oil production and resulting blemishes. Packed with essential oils, Vitamin C, comfrey, and DMAE, this unique blend can be used twice daily as part of a regular skin care routine, or as a soothing balm after exercising.

4. Less visible fine lines

Decreased production of natural oils and lack of moisture can increase the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. DMAE creams and serums are a great nature-based solution to deliver moisture and support to aging skin.

The Yellow Creme is our most popular anti-aging formula, delivering alpha lipoic acid, pentapeptides, argeriline (a BOTOX alternative) and DMAE to soften, balance, and smooth fine lines. Use liberally and massage into your skin after cleansing and toning.

5. Anti-inflammatory support

In-vitro studies indicate that DMAE is a moderately active anti-inflammatory agent. Not only does DMAE counteract issues with muscle tone and skin laxity, but it also keeps redness and swelling at bay. 

Our Tea Tree Cleansing Gel can be used anywhere on your body for cleaner, clearer, and smoother skin. Natural tea tree essential oil, DMAE, salicylic acid, and active botanical ingredients combine for a soothing wash. Use once or twice daily for deep cleansing and anti-inflammatory support. 

Aging may be troublesome—but with a natural-based skin care routine, you can ease the process and keep your skin both looking and feeling healthy at any age. Abbey St. Clare is proud to offer a range of DMAE skin care solutions based on nature’s healing properties. Shop our entire collection of anti-aging products to give your aging skin the support it needs.

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