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Anti-Aging: What you put on your skin matters

May 10, 2017 1 Comment

Anti-Aging: What you put on your skin matters

The majority of women wear makeup daily or use at least one skincare product morning and night. There are thousands of wellness treatments available to us, but focusing on natural products should be a priority for one simple reason: We should know what we're putting on our body and where it comes from.

If you have sensitive skin, for example, or suffer from acne, certain chemicals might actually further irritate your skin, and you could benefit by using a more natural product to reduce side effects.

In fact, everyone deserves safe and effective products, so perhaps it's time to reconsider your beauty regimen to incorporate more natural skin and body care products. Just remember to be patient whenever starting a new beauty regimen. The American Academy of Dermatology reports that most skin care products take around six weeks to see results, if not a little longer.

Why are so many women switching to natural wellness products? Because what you put on your skin really does matter.

Let's Talk About the Top Layer of Skin

Anti-aging for your skinFirst, here are some basic skin care facts. The epidermis is the top-most layer of skin that we can physically see. It's only one-tenth of a millimeter thick, but it's our body's first line of defense against harmful substances. We shed about one million skin cells per day, and youthful skin replenishes itself approximately every 27 days. As we age, the turnover rate takes longer, rising to 40 to 50 to 60 days with increasing years.

This is why older skin loses its “glow” and appears less vibrant.  One of the main purposes of effective skin care is to encourage cellular turnover to recover that youthful glow.

Fortunately, there are things we can do to keep our skin happy, healthy, and looking its best. The first step is exfoliation. Exfoliation escalates the removal of those dulling, aging surface cells, allowing fresh cells to surface. Additionally, as we get older, skin becomes less elastic and we tend to develop more permanent wrinkles -- both the fine surface lines from the sun's UV rays, and deep furrows, which are a result of  repetitive muscle contractions. Crow’s feet and laugh or frown lines are common deep-furrow wrinkles. Never underestimate the value of well-formulated cleansers and toners in eradicating wrinkles. Exfoliating cleansers and toners are effective in smoothing out fine surface lines as well as minimizing embedded wrinkles.

As obvious as it should be these days, it bears repeating that the first rule in retaining youthful skin and warding off those fine surface lines, is protection from the sun. Daily use of an SPF 15 or higher sunscreen (yes, even on cloudy days and during the winter) unquestionably reduces signs of aging. Indeed, those who use sunscreen daily exhibit almost 25% fewer signs of skin aging than those who don't. There are plenty of natural anti-aging skin care products on the market today that have SPF protection, and these can be easy additions to your skincare routine.

Look also for moisturizers with natural ingredients such as shea butter or jojoba seed oil. Natural oils and butters applied liberally and often nourish and protect the skin from the effects of the sun and other stresses of the environment. Showering with non-drying natural soaps and washes help the skin retain more of its natural oils.  

What Else Should You Be Looking For On Labels?

If you're interested in going green and seeking out natural wellness products that are environmentally conscious, avoid toxic fillers, are organic or vegan, and aren't tested on animals, there's a growing market. As a result, most natural products will be clearly labeled as such. That said, you cannot believe all that you read and must find sources you can trust.

It is a wise consumer who learns how to read labels properly.  For example, a company may try to sneak through unhealthy but good-smelling preservatives under the radar as "fragrance,"  so do your research. There are plenty of sites dedicated to calling out companies or brands that do this, but be wary as often the watchdogs need watchdogs. Many use alarmist rhetoric that indicts good ingredients. You are best served by relying on respected organizations, such as Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR), with assessments based on accumulated research. 

Also, keep in mind that "organic" doesn't really mean organic unless it has received USDA organic seal. Items with the organic seal must have 95% organic ingredients in their product, so you know it's as close to all-natural as you can get. If there's at least 70% organic material in the product, the manufacturer can state that it was "made with organic ingredients.” Be sure you’re reading labels closely when searching for truly organic products.

Where Can I Find Natural Wellness Products?

The internet has made it easier than ever to find the best natural skin and body care products. Feel free to visit our own natural skin care online store, where you can find natural skin care products, natural hair care products, and conscious cosmetics for your new and improved beauty routine. The Internet can also be a great resource for thoroughly researching products and making sure you're really going green.

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May 30, 2017

Really informative article that serves as a great starting point with skincare. Many of my patients want miracle products and to see results right away. There aren’t many shortcuts that breed the fantastic results that consistency does. Being patient and sticking with skincare products is important to see results and even though it’s not a very sexy skin care products – daily SPF is a must for anti-aging and overall skin health!

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