Depending on travel distance and temperature, orders may be held for posting early in the week.

**Remeber to modify your makeup for summer.

*May need a deeper shade of foundation. *Bronzer adds natural summer glow.


Face Care

They say beauty is only skin deep. So if you want to be beautiful, you’d better take care of your skin!  That’s not really the point of that quote, but we don’t think there’s any denying that smooth skin with a soft healthy glow is pretty attractive. Plus, healthy skin just feels good, especially when it comes face care. 

Our products above can help with wrinkles, dry skin, oily skin, shininess, and many other problems. They are made from natural ingredients, and formulated to offer the maximum cosmetic benefit while still treating your skin the way it ought to be treated. Furthermore, with the exception of our emu oil, our products are all vegan-friendly!