As the name would imply foundations are, well, foundational to a beautiful face. The basic purpose of foundation is to even out skin tone, hide blemishes, and provide a base upon which you can layer on more other makeup, like highlighter or blush. But higher-quality foundations also can moisturize, prevent shine, protect the skin, and generally increase the health and beauty of your face.  As it so happens, our foundations are of the higher quality sort.

Abbey St. Clare foundations and primers come in a variety of skin tones and are formulated with natural ingredients so that they do rejuvenate your skin instead of potentially causing blemishes. Especially our mineral foundations provide great beauty in a natural, traditional, way. We are quite proud of the soft glow that these foundations provide. When you wear them, we think you’ll be proud too.

Abbey St. Clare foundations and other products are formulated by Margaret Hardy. She has a Master’s degree in microbiology and a background in gardening. She has made it her mission to use this knowledge of science and nature to create products that promote health as a well as beauty. Her natural products were formulated with this in mind.