Hair Care

Who among us does not struggle with our hair? We’re busy, we accidentally damage it with a curling iron or straightener, we use conditioner that a friend recommended because it worked so well for them, but alas, our friend has flawless straight hair and ours is naturally kinky. Before we know it, we are scolded by our hairdressers, and any number of generic leave-in conditioners and gels are foisted upon us (some of which may only serve to strip natural oils from your hair and create further vulnerability to breakage).

What should we do? Well, many give in and go for a shorter hairstyle. But for those of us who are attached to our flowing locks,the solution is clear: use the best natural hair care products!

What makes Abbey St. Clare hair care products special? They are made from natural ingredients and specially formulated to protect and revitalize hair of any description. Whether you have light hair or dark hair, whether curly or straight, our conditioners and shampoos were made with care, and are sure to satisfy.

We also offer products for grey and/or thinning hair. These include our Lazarus Hair Renewal System, our Lazarus Leave-Conditioner, and the Lazarus Natural Scalp treatment. These formulas stimulate the scalp, are appropriate for all hair types, and enhance volume.