Depending on travel distance and temperature, orders may be held for posting early in the week.

**Remeber to modify your makeup for summer.

*May need a deeper shade of foundation. *Bronzer adds natural summer glow.


Shine & Oil Control

It can be frustrating to struggle with oily skin. People sometimes ask us why we have vaseline smeared all over our face. People sometimes ask us if we were just at the gym. People can be pretty annoying sometimes. Some of us are just naturally oily. It's not our fault! We've tried everything!

Everything but Abbey St. Clare, that is. And too bad, too, because our shine and oil control products do what many other generic wipes and gels cannot: They put our oil in it's place. How, you ask?

Well, it really is very simple - Abbey St. Clare products are the good stuff. We're talking about highly sophisticated formulations of natural ingredients, many of them used for long ages to fight acne and enlarged pores. How can a little oil stand a chance against that? It cannot. You'll see.